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Brave Leadership in Schools - an Inquiry: Expansive Education Network and PLP facilitated by Prof Bill Lucas


Many senior leaders in schools have reached the conclusion that success in examinations and with Ofsted is a necessary but not sufficient condition for outstanding education. Despite pressures on getting results, on staff recruitment, on managing costs a growing number of leaders want more. They want, in short, to be braver as they play their leadership roles.

PLP has brought acclaimed educational thought-leader, Bill Lucas to lead a unique year-long conversation and enquiry with a group of self-chosen school leaders. On 29th June 2018 from 1pm until 3pm, Bill will provide an initial provocation which will challenge us all to think about what else schools might offer beyond the formal curriculum, to think of new models of school improvement, to rethink professional learning, actively to promote innovation, to reframe relationships with parents and much more. This will be complemented by 2 further sessions with Bill. Dates TBC.

At the launch session, participants will work with Bill to co-design a year’s collaborative enquiry. The enquiry could take many forms including small-scale local tests of change, school to school collaborations, prototyping interventions, hosted conversations…

This planned work links neatly to the next thought-leadership report from PLP, exploring the importance of CPD in school improvement and how schools are ensuring they are making the best decisions.


This will be a co-created piece of exploration, guided by schools, and facilitated and supported by Prof Bill Lucas, creator of The Expansive Education at the University of Winchester.



Key dates and next steps:


1st session

Date: 29th June 13.00-15.00                                  


William Law Primary Academy  


2nd session

Date:- Monday 1st October 13.00-15.00


William Law Primary School

Twelvetree Avenue



PE4 5DT    

3rd session

Date:- TBC 















Prof Bill Lucas's power point presentation from 29th June 2018

All workshop materials


Action Research Case Studies


Discussion forum




Project Contacts:-

eedNET at The Winchester University: For support with emerging AR questions, projects and website - Mandy Cowie: eednet@winchester.ac.uk


Iain Simper PLP Chief Executive Officer -  iain.simper@peterborough.gov.uk
































































Upcoming events

Brave Leadership - 2nd session Monday 1st October- venue William Law Primary School (3rd session TBC)



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