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Zest for Learning: 

connects the co-curriculum with the formal curriculum, building both theoretical and practical confidence in the kinds of pedagogies which work well. It draws together a far-reaching literature exploring zest and zest-like attributes, offering schools and organisations working with schools a model of how it could be at the heart of children’s educational experiences.

Teaching Creative Thinking: is a powerful call to action and a practical handbook for all teachers seeking to embed creativity into the school experiences of the students. A key capability is creative thinking, which is to be the focus of a new 2021 PISA test, based on the authors' research at the University of Winchester's Centre for Real-World Learning.

Developing Tenacity: teaching learners how to persevere in the face of difficulty' is a powerful call to action and a practical handbook for all teachers who want to stimulate  and strengthen their pupils learning tenacity. 

Educating Ruby:

is a powerful call to action for everyone who worries that our school system is not preparing children for the uncertainties and challenges of the real world. It shows how we can cultivate confidence, curiosity, collaboration, communication, creativity, commitment and craftsmanship in children at the same time as helping them to achieve success in public examinations.


Expansive Education - Teaching Learners for the real world 

Bill Lucas, Guy Claxton and Ellen Spencer

Teachers from schools across the world believe that there is more to education than success in examinations.  Many practitioners are becoming increasingly familiar with expansive education concepts, such as learning dispositions, habits of mind and expandable intelligence, and are striving to instil these valuable mindsets into their pupils. In this ground-breaking and visionary book, acclaimed authors Lucas, Claxton and Spencer define, consolidate and reinforce this revolutionary shift.  

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