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8 October 2015

23 January 2015

24 February 2015 


Action Research Tools


1. Action Plan for Thinking like an Engineer 2015-16.doc

This template has been revised for 2015-16. There is a new section in which we encourage you to specify which part of the curriculum or syllabus you are linking your EHoM activity to.



2. EHoM self report and prompts for use 2015-16.docx

This toolkit of surveys and observation prompts has been revised for 2015-16. 



3. AR Evaluation Methods for Thinking like an Engineer.doc



4. Research Digest 10 Evaluating teaching.pdf

This eedNET research digest provides additional information about using research methods to evaluate your teaching.



5. AR Funnel for Thinking like an Engineer 2015-16.doc



6. Habits of Mind lists Jan 2015.docx


STEM and EHoM Resources 

If you have any favourite STEM resources that support the cultivation of EHoM, send us the details so we can add them to this site. 

A new practical guide to encourage business to work more closely with schools and colleges to develop STEM skills in young people has been published by the Royal Society and the CBI. See Making Education Your Business.



Royal Academy of Engineering

The Royal Academy has produced resources supporting teaching and learning through the curriculum, mostly at Key Stage 3, and also for STEM clubs or classroom enrichment.   


National STEM Centre

For a wide range of resources, including the following, written by our STEM project adviser Professor Adrian Oldknow:


Learning to code – with a purpose




Data capture, modelling and simulation




Tinkering with CAD




Introduction to the BBC Micro Bit





Education Scotland STEMCentral


Provides resources for STEM teaching, engineering challenges and stories to inspire young people to choose engineering careers.





Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)


WISE launched a new pack called ‘People like me’ aimed at encouraging more girls to continue with STEM subjects into the post-16 education. 


WISE have recently added new sectors to this resource, featuring case studies from  Tech, Electronics and Physics which are now available on the website to download.  Training and teaching resources are available for teachers and STEM Ambassadors, together with an interactive app for girls.




Science Museum Exhibition - Engineer your Future



Find out more about planning a visit to this exhibition which is based on our report Thinking like an Engineer. See also links from the Exhibition’s web pages  to further information about engineering challenges and careers.



Subject-Specific Resources


Primary Science Teaching Trust      http://www.pstt.org.uk/


Association for Science Education    http://www.ase.org.uk/home/


Teachitscience                              http://www.teachitscience.co.uk/




National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics https://www.ncetm.org.uk/enquiry/research-articles


Design & Technology

Design & Technology Association    https://www.data.org.uk/



Computing at School                         http://www.computingatschool.org.uk/



Barefoot Computing helps primary schools engage with the new Computing curriculum and ‘computational thinking’.  http://barefootcas.org.uk/


Habits of Mind

Systems thinking in Schools                  http://watersfoundation.org/


Action Research Case Studies

All the reports produced by teachers who have completed action research projects through the Expansive Education Network are available here.

Action Research Case Studies


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