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Science and Engineering Education Research
and Innovation Hub (SEERIH) at the University of Manchester


SEERIH is coordinating a group of schools who are participating in the project Tinker Tailor Robot Pi.  The aim of this project is to explore how a partnership approach between primary and secondary teachers and university engineers can support teachers in embracing engineering education actually within the computer science, design & technology and the science curriculum. 


The SEERIH team are encouraging teachers to use ‘tinkering’ and other 'hands on' activities to provide learning opportunities that are infused  with the skills, habits of minds and processes of engineering.  These can be within the context of science, D&T, computer science or other subjects in the curriculum such as English.


The second year of this project was launched with a two-day Immersion Event at the University of Manchester in November. Dr Lynne Bianchi introduces the video  of the event which gives a fascinating insight into the ways teachers are engaging with the challenge of being involved in the project.  


SEERIH is participating in Manchester’s activities as part of the European City of Science 2016. Manchester is creating the largest Robot Orchestra ever and the Robot Orchestra Challenge aims to get us all working together from schools, clubs, maker groups, organisations – just about anyone who wishes.


The University of Manchester is opening its doors on Tuesday 17th May 2016 for the Robot Hack Day. As a school or a maker you can sign up to be involved. Bring up to 8 pupils from your secondary or primary school for the day to work alongside professionals, makers and even Professor Danielle George – the University’s very own robot orchestra pioneer!


To find out more explore the website at www.robotorchestra.co.uk and see the flyer.






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