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Action Research information & membership fees

For further information please email us  eedNET@winchester.ac.uk 

We are more than a network, we are a Community

The Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester has teamed up with universities around the country to create a unique professional learning community dedicated to expansive education. eedNET is a non-profit organisation, we are not trying to sell training or CPD, we simply want our members to be equipped with the research, information and skills to develop their own practice as teachers so they can develop young people ready for whatever the 21st Century will throw at them.

Five good reasons to join this exciting network for teachers

  1. To be part of a growing movement of teachers who want to do more for their students than coach for exams
  2. Access the latest research and thinking on teaching practice
  3. Training to use Action Research in your classroom practice
  4. See your work published and share your experience with colleagues
  5. Rediscover the spirit that made you chose to teach in the first place

The network exists to

  • Develop thinking and practice in relation to expansive education and what it means to become a powerful 21st century learner
  • Link teachers to universities, providing high-quality training, either face-to-face or using distance learning, that enables them to undertake teacher enquiries in their own setting
  • Provide a place for teachers to publish their own enquiries and see new work developed by others
  • Connect teachers with one another encouraging local networking, idea sharing and professional development between like-minded professionals

Additional information

  • Action research workshops: a series of three sessions introducing you to the skills of teacher enquiry and supporting your action research project delivered through twilight workshops at a partner university or online distance learning. Bespoke workshops or consultancy delivered at your school, or with a group of schools are also available.
  • Access: resources and research in the member-only area, including published action research reports from other members
  • Connect: a member directory enabling you to share practice with other teaching professionals in your region or area of interest
  • Clusters of schools: special offers may be available if you wish to join as a 'cluster' of schools, either regionally or thematically
  • INSET days/in-house training: On site training may be available for an additional charge, in conjunction with eedNET membership

     2021/22 Membership

     Fees  (to be revised)

     post Covid-19

        Standard - Individual 

        Distance learning option 




      £ 65

         Standard - Primary School 

         Distance learning option





        Standard - Secondary School

        Distance learning option





        Standard - FE

        Distance learning option






    Three delivery options available:-


    Standard membership (one school or cluster of schools)

    1. Nominated teachers attend workshops at a local partner eedNET university over the course of a academic year
    2. Feedback on action plan and final report available from eedNET university tutor via email
    3. Standard membership runs for one academic year membership rates can be pro-rated as required for new members joining part way through year

       Distance learning

    1. Nominated teachers access online workshop materials this can be done on a flexible basis
    2. Coaching and check-in with eedNET university tutor - offering feed back on action plan and final report
    3. This model is particularly suitable for international schools 

       In-house delivery (whole school initiative or cluster)

    1. Workshops are delivered in-house by a eedNET tutor
    2. Bespoke pricing available on request and pricing will depend on number of teachers participating, location and any additional services required (this option is very suitable for Inset days)




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