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Project Conference 9th July 2015


Congratulations are due to all the teachers who took part in a conference to celebrate the outcomes from a successful first year of the project, which were disseminated at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London in July. Teachers from the Thinking like an Engineer project joined in a celebratory day with those from Manchester who had participated in the Tinker Tailor Robot Pi project. We heard from teachers who had incorporated EHoM into their teaching and welcomed those who have joined the project in the autumn for the second year.  


We had some very positive feedback from Dr Rhys Morgan, Director of Engineering and Education at the Academy and we were honoured to have in the audience Sir John Perkins, who wrote the Review of Engineering Skills report (2013), and Sir Robert Malpas, former co-chairman of Eurotunnel, who awards an annual bursary through the Academy to promote engineering education.





Hannah Enticknap.pdf      Camelsdale Primary School



Sharon Crowe.pdf            New Forest Academy 



Lindsay Davison.pdf         Bohunt School 



Jo Goodship.pdf              The Petersfield School



Scott Reilly.pdf presented an overview on behalf of Reading College, followed by presentations from his five colleagues in the Department of Engineering:



Ben Mhishi                     



Ian Campbell                  



Jun Wang                     



Martin Davies               



Noel Wood                     



Dr Janet Hanson.pdf presented a summary on behalf of the Centre for Real World Learning.



Dr Lynne Bianchi.pdf summarised the achievements of the teachers involved in Tinker tailor Robot Pi, illustrated with some video clips of the ‘Robot dance’.



The Tinker Tailor Robot Pi video of the event, seen through the eyes of the Manchester teachers, demonstrates just how creative and innovative children can be when they engage in ‘tinkology’ and ‘think like an engineer’.



Eight teachers from Thinking like an Engineer have written longer reports of their action research interventions to embed EHoM into their teaching:



Hannah Enticknap, Camelsdale Primary School


How can we promote creative problem solving using the engineering habits of mind.pdf




Lindsay Davison, Bohunt School

Modelling evaluation methods in Key Stage 3 scientific enquiries.pdf




Paul Harker, Bohunt School

A preliminary investigation into the effectiveness of delivering Engineering Habits of Mind in STEM education at my school.pdf




Sharon Crowe, New Forest Academy

Using problem solving grids to improve independent problem solving.pdf




Ben Mhishi, Reading College 

The Questioning Learner.pdf




Jun Wang, Reading College

Using stories to improve learners’ persistence.pdf 



Martin Davies, Reading College

Visualisation Skills for Engineers.pdf




Noel Wood, Reading College

Using team work to solve problems creatively.pdf 




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