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Big Ideas in Engineering Education


In June 2015, the Royal Academy and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE) brought together leading thinkers in engineering and STEM education to think creatively about the nature of the challenges facing engineering education and to propose solutions. Bill Lucas presented a 'think-piece' on the power of using Engineering Habits of Mind to reframe education.


After the event, a survey of teachers, young people, parents and engineers was undertaken by IMECHE using our six EHoM as the framework for asking the respondents for their views on the attributes required of engineers. The survey found that across all groups, ‘there was relatively good agreement that the six habits do capture the way that engineers think’ and that there ‘was also very strong support across all groups for schools to encourage developing engineering habits of mind’ (IMECHE 2016, p.20).

The report proposed An Agenda for Change to promote better understanding of engineering in schools that includes the goal to ‘Nurture engineering ways of thinking in all young people’.  (IMECHE, 2016, p.57)



Find the report here.



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