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In this episode, Adobe’s Education Evangelist Dominic Traynor talks to Bill Lucas, Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester, about: - the importance of creativity - preparing young people FOR THE REAL WORLD - how England is going in the wrong direction when it comes to creativity in education - disrupting the status quo in regard to assessment - how GCSEs are no longer fit for purpose This video is part of Adobe's Rethinking Education mini-series, created to inspire educators across the world. In our ever-evolving digitally advance world, is the current curriculum falling short? Are we teaching the next generation the right lessons? This series explores experts’ innovative ideas on teaching and learning while theorizing what could change to improve the education process.

Monday 22 February 2021 5:30-7:00, via Zoom


in conversation with Professor Bill Lucas

Rethinking Assessment – recognising all the strengths of a young person.


The pandemic is causing countries across the world to cancel or modify exams. But in truth there has been a growing belief that there is something wrong with our examinations and assessment system. Headteachers, teachers, students, parents, and businesses are now raising big issues about how we can do things better in the future. With a wide range of educators, Professor Lucas has created a new movement, Rethinking Assessment, to come up with alternatives which better recognise the strengths of all young people. In this session Prof Lucas will give an overview of practices from across the world and discuss with us the ways in which we can learn from them. The event will begin with a short presentation from Prof. Lucas, to be followed by a conversation with STE team member Colin Johnson. Depending on numbers participating we will then either break into Zoom chat rooms for group discussion, or remain as a single group. In any case there will be a closing plenary session in which Prof Lucas will take questions.

1st October 2020

Masterclass with Professor Bill Lucas

As communicated last month through the Great Place to Teach update, launched the first NCG wide masterclass. 

Click here to listen to Bill

10th December 2020

A new series of expansive webinars where Bill Lucas interviews educational reformers and thought-leaders

In conversation with Professor Guy Claxton and Rachel Macfarlane,

authors of Powering up your school: The Learning Power Approach to School Leadership


16th June 2020 - webinar with Bill 

click here to listen to the recording 

Why we need to stop talking about twenty-first century skills and start embedding dispositions for learning in all subjects in all our schools 

As we neared the end of the twentieth century, with the Internet gaining in pace and scope, it was inevitable that we'd be thinking about what schools might look like in the new millennium. Many of us used 'twentieth-century skills' as a short-hand for a different kind of education. But the trouble is that the phrase has increasingly become an evangelical shout-out which polarises debate between knowledge and skills, often antagonising the many thoughtful teachers who do not see the debate in this binary way. In this webinar Bill Lucas urges us to move on from the rhetoric and focus on the evidence. Bill will outline some of the best frameworks for blending dispositions and habits of mind with knowledge and skill in schools.

1st July 2020

How to thrive in crazy times: 9 rules for changing your life and a suggestion for action research next term

Covid-19 is forcing us all to rethink the way we do things. In his last webinar of the term Bill draws on research from his award-winning book rEvolution: How to thrive in crazy times to offer some timely end of school year thinking for busy teachers to reflect on.

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Professional learning webinar with Bill - Zest for Learning

Recording coming soon!

What is zest? Why does instilling curiosity matter? Why do we need all young people to find purpose and balance in their lives? How do we promote student engagement? How best do we work with outside organisations to add gusto to all that we do in schools? All of this and more will be explored! 

Talk about character education at an interactive workshop aimed at educators 

Listen to Professor Bill Lucas

This was an interactive session which allowed discussion and the opportunity to ask questions to Bill Lucas 

Here are some of the points that came up in the discussions:

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Developing Student Creativity

Developing the creativity of school students has never been more important. It improves employability, enhances well-being and is needed to address the pressing problems of our Age. More than 50 countries across the world have it as an explicit part of their national curricula. 

Listen to the recording

Engineering habits of mind: what they are and how they can help us develop engineers in schools

Professor Bill Lucas talk about character education at an interactive workshop aimed at educators.

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