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What is an Action Research workshop? Do I have to attend?

31 Jan 2016 3:14 PM | Anonymous member


For your first Action Research, your facilitating University will invite you to attend three workshop sessions of around two hours each, usually held after school. The workshops are usually scheduled at intervals of six to eight weeks. Alternatively, please enquire about our Distance Learning option.


The first Workshop introduces the idea of Action Research, and gets you to frame your first questions.

The second Workshop looks at how you will carry out your research, what you will measure and how you will present your data.

The third Workshop is a sharing of findings and a celebration of your first steps towards putting Expansive Education into practice.

You don’t have to attend any of these workshops, and you will find all the material and resources you need online. However, many teachers find it very helpful to take the time away from school, sharing ideas and experiences.

The workshop will also introduce you to a tutor, to whom you will have access by email to ask any questions and help define your own question and methodology used throughout your project.

Schools have also found that having a Lead Member within the school makes the project run more smoothly as teachers have support and a sounding-board for ideas.

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