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What kinds of questions are explored in Action Research?

29 Jul 2014 3:13 PM | Anonymous member

Some of the questions explored by teachers in their Action Research:

  • Will the use of ICT become more embedded if pupils were used as mentors?
  • If the school appoints a Parents’ Champion to coordinate support will parents become more engaged in supporting their children’s learning?
  • If I explore and reflect on my own learning in mathematics can I apply it to pupils learning?
  • If I move children to mixed ability groups and teach them some co-operative learning structures, will all children make good progress?
  • If I get children to practice the spelling of words correctly within sentences (instead of only in isolation within spelling tests), will it improve their spelling in their general work?
  • If I teach mathematics using real-world scenarios (eg. planning a wedding), will it improve lower attaining pupils’ mindset and approach to maths?
  • If I make my writing areas more purposeful for boys, will they use them more often and persevere when using them?

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